How to Attract the Best Candidates for Your Renewable Energy Firm

Photovoltaic panels in a row

Finding talent in the renewable energy industry is a challenge, especially for startups and small businesses. Larger companies are able to offer higher pay and better benefits, which attracts the cream of the job market. While competitive pay is a textbook strategy to attract candidates for your company—fortunately for smaller companies—it’s not the only way.

At Whitham Group, we’re a team of renewable energy recruiters that helps companies of all sizes in the industry find talent. We identify candidates that meet at least 90% of your requirements and are willing to work for the pay you’re offering. We also look for candidates that are personally fascinated by your company, so they’re motivated by more than just money. 96% of the candidates we recommend to companies get accepted.

Your company is more attractive to some candidates than to others, regardless of whether you offer competitive pay. So the key is to look for candidates that like your company for its culture and for how it’s contributing to renewable energy. We’ve made connections with 18,000+ experienced professionals in our 12 years in this industry. We can connect you with exactly such individuals.

In this article, we talk about ways you can make your company more attractive to a larger number of candidates. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1- Work On Your Brand

Branding is crucialfor renewable energy companies, even though few startups realize it. Your brand is how your company is presented to potential clients and investors. Most of the people your company can benefit from don’t have a textbook knowledge of science. Laypeople can’t tell a revolutionary solution for a mediocre one. No matter how qualified your engineers are, it won’t translate to anything meaningful without branding.

Branding can also be used as an excellent strategy to attract top talent. Not every role in your company requires an understanding of renewable technologies. Still, qualified marketers, layers, salespeople, and business development professionals who want to contribute to the environment are highly valuable to your company. Branding strategies can help you present your company to these candidates effectively, making you more attractive.

The next section discusses some specific ways you can develop your brand.

2- Improve Your Marketing

A brand is a company’s identity in different markets, including the job market. Marketing is the collection of processes employed to establish and develop your brand. You can use various marketing tools to increase your brand awareness and attract talented candidates for your company.

We highly recommend creating profiles for your company on social media pages. Post about the technologies your company is working on and share pictures of company events to get people talking. You can also use SEO to increase your online presence.

Renewable energy recruiters at Whitham Group can help you find marketing professionals with experience in the renewable energy industry. Visit our services page to see a complete list of positions we can help you fill.

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3- Ads on Job Search Sites Will Never Work

If you’re reading this article, you likely have posted ads on job search sites that came to no good. You probably received many applications, but none of the candidates met your standards. There’s a reason for this.

In-demand professionals and talented individuals don’t use job search websites. Almost 80% of candidates we’ve formed relationships with don’t have their resumes anywhere online. They also don’t browse job search websites for ads. They know they don’t need to search for companies; renewable energy headhunters come to them.

It’ll never work if you’ve been using job search sites to attract the best candidates. Get in touch now and work with expert renewable energy executive recruiters at Whitham Group to recruit top talent.

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4- Ride The Renewable Energy Media Wave

Renewable energy is a hot topic right now. The recent surge in fuel prices has opened our eyes to the risk of depending on remote sources of energy. Many people also like to follow developments in renewable energy through YouTube, social media, news, and online articles. This renewable energy media wave is a massive opportunity for renewable energy companies.

Find ways to market your company in newsworthy ways. If you’re doing something the media thinks people would love to know about, they’ll do stories on your company you can get free press. YouTube educational videos are a great way to reach out to engineers who love innovation.

5- Improve Your Workplace Environment

Word-of-mouth is the most potent form of marketing. It’s also been said that employees are the most excellent brand ambassadors. If your employees are happy and love working in your company, they will talk about you in their circles and potentially get more talented people interested. For this, you’ll have to work on your workplace environment. Make employee satisfaction your priority and create an inclusive, safe environment.

Gifted individuals—especially younger generations—prefer working in casual spaces to corporate workplaces. Work on creating a contemporary culture in your company that attracts talent and retains your existing employees.

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Work With Renewable Energy Headhunters

Even if you don’t have the time or the budget to improve your brand and workplace environment, it’s possible to find highly qualified candidates in your budget. Renewable energy headhunters at Whitham Group can find candidates that meet your requirements and are a good fit for your company.

We also specialize in renewable energy executive searches for businesses of all sizes. We use a recruitment process consisting of 24 steps that consider all the relevant factors before a candidate is recommended to you.

Want to find the best candidates in the job market with expert energy industry recruiters? Get in touch now!