Eight Causes of Car Breakdowns in Burley Idaho

Car breakdowns can happen unexpectedly. While you know that cars can break down occasionally, you would never hope to be in this situation. This can be quite inconvenient, particularly if you have to get to a destination. Car breakdowns can happen for various reasons and when they happen, you should contact a burley id towing service instead of trying to fix your car. Below are common reasons your car may break down:


Your car’s temperature gauge informs you if your vehicle is overheating. If your car overheats, pull it over to a side of the road right away and turn the engine off. Continuing to drive your car while it is overheating can lead to serious engine damage. 

Lower Tire Pressure

Make it a habit to always check your car’s tire pressure to avoid a breakdown. If the tire pressure is low, the tire can wear out quickly and make your vehicle more difficult to handle. Low tire pressure increases your risk of getting a flat tire. 

Dead Battery

If your vehicle does not start, this may be due to a dead battery. Such a situation is quite common in cold weather. You can try to jump-start your vehicle if you believe the battery is dead. However, you may need to get a new battery if this does not work. 

Break Trouble

Brake pads must be replaced every 40, 000-50, 000 miles. If you cannot stay on top of this, your car breaks can begin to grind or squeal. Once you hear these sounds, it might already be too late. This could cause an issue with the rotors, which is costlier to repair than brake pads. 

Empty Fuel Tank

Your car will break down if it runs out of gas. This always happens, so you should pay attention to your fuel gauge and get gas before it runs out of it. 

Bad Alternator

Your car’s alternator charges its battery as the engine is running. A bad alternator can lead to a dead battery. It can cause the headlights to be flickering or dim. 

Lack of Maintenance

As car parts wear out eventually, they tend to break and cause a breakdown. You can avoid this by maintaining your car regularly and replacing worn-out parts before an issue happens.  

Transmission Issue

Your car can become immobile right away due to transmission problems like low fluid or a complete breakdown. When not addressed right away, preventable transmission issues can become costly and hard to repair.